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Groups & Special Topics

Student group of architecture, company outing of a building cooperative or gift from the staff to the boss of a local company:
A group tour not only has the advantage of being with people you know.

The clear advantages of a group tour:

If you wish, I will be happy to conduct a detailed telephone or personal briefing discussion with you in advance.
You can determine the date quite flexibly – with a little luck also at short notice.

Of course you are not bound to the given tours. We will discuss any mixing or even new aspects with you.
My tours are normally designed for a duration of 2.5 hours. Of course you can deviate from this. While longer tours are, from experience, a strain on the receptiveness of most participants, shorter tours are quite feasible.

Group tours. Exclusive. Creative.

A short guided tour, followed by a Q&A round?
Just industrial culture? Only Bauhaus?
Integration of normally inaccessible areas?
Viewing the interior of a furnished apartment in its first occupation – from 1930?
Exclusive visit to the former studio of Hans Scharoun?
Guided tour and then finger food in the Bauhaus architecture of 1930?
Inclusion of the shelter underground station (public area)?
The Siemens genesis. Day trip to the development into a global corporation?
You’ll notice: A lot is conceivable. Many things are possible. What is your wish?

Or do it differently.

Discover something new photographically. Not only to be told something, but to actively participate. For example a PhotoWalk.
Schools can combine different subjects for a project:
Deepen the subject matter photographically.

Groups & Special Topics 3

Creative lecture:
The Berlin Brandenburg International School had asked me to organize a PhotoWalk for the English speaking class on the anniversary of the fall of the wall. The Man With The Hat worked out a special tour. The information and created pictures were used in the history and art lessons.

Please understand that there can only be an individual calculation for a group tour.
Requirements, time frame and planning are just too different.
I am looking forward to your inquiry:

ImportantParticipation in the guided tours is at your own risk.
Photographs or video recordings may be taken, which may be used for publications relating to “Man with Hat Tours”.
By participating, you agree to this (legal notice HERE).
Of course I am always happy about photos/videos sent to me by participants. Please tell me the name that should be next to the photo in case of use and use this email: or use the hashtag #MmhtBln
Thanks a lot

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