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Lectures & research assistance

Whether industrial heritage or world heritage.
Whether Berlin, London or Venice.
Whether breathless in 10 minutes, summarizing in 30 minutes or even longer and more detailed.
Or are you writing a book, a newspaper article or preparing a TV documentary?


Suitable for every group size, every measure and every target group – professionals and laymen alike.

This applies to all events:
I always conduct a detailed briefing with you in advance, either by telephone or in person.
Here we clarify the aim of the presentation, the title, main topics, scope, time structure and content.
Everything in order to optimally adjust the presentation to your needs and expectations but also to the conditions of the location.

… helps if something does not work as expected (e.g. technical circumstances). Then you can count on my experience to save the situation in the best possible way.

Using lectures creatively

It need not always be a frontal lecture.

For example, would you like to discover the World Heritage Site on your own?
How about a short introduction? Specially tailored to your participants, locations of interest highlighted accordingly.

Lectures & research assistance 1

Creative Lectures:
The SWP (German Institute for International and Security Affairs) on a bicycle tour through the World Heritage Site. An introductory short lecture by Mann With Hat Tours at the “Infostation Siemensstadt“.
Afterwards, each participant received an exclusive map with points of interest to take along – specially designed for the group.

At the end of your independently conducted exploration, would you like to have the open questions answered?
You are welcome to book a question/answer situation instead of a lecture.

Combine break with education?
Interrupt a day’s exploration for a little rest? The rooms of the “Infostation Siemensstadt” are perfect for coffee & cake or finger food – maybe in connection with a lecture before continuing?

Der Mann mit Hut und Abgeordnete bei einer Begehung der Gustav-Böß-Freilichtbühne im Park JungfernheideInfostation Siemensstadt

Creative Lectures:
The Man With Hat advises members of parliament during a visit to the derelict open-air stage in Berlin’s Volkspark Jungfernheide. The stage is to be reactivated.
Man With Hat explains the significance of the place with many historical pictures, then and now.

From left to right: Daniel Buchholz (SPD), Raed Saleh (Chairman of the Berliner SPD), Christian Hochgrebe (SPD), Christian Fessel as Man With Hat.

Whether it was due to my advice and explanation of the historical importance of the place – or not 😉
The excursion was successful: The former “Gartentheater Jungfernheide” from 1930 is now in fact being reactivated! I am very happy about this.
You can read the message in the german newsletter of the member of parliament Mr Buchholz HERE.

Research assistance

Are you planning a book, a newspaper article, a TV or photo documentary, or something similar?

Gladly I can support you with your project.
Whether it is just a short question to be answered on the phone or fee-based activities such as location scouting:
Specialist and local knowledge in research, as well as – for the World Heritage Site – many keys and excellent contact with the owner are certainly helpful for you.

Lectures & research assistance 2

Location Scout:
For the film “We, people of Siemensstadt” by the Israeli filmmaker Ofir Feldmann, for example, I guided the director through the World Heritage Site in advance, facilitating access to unusual places and providing historical advice.
The film was a contribution to “Bauhaus100“.

As an architectural photographer I also have a large picture archive.
As a cameraman and photographer, I can talk to you professionally about locations and lighting conditions.

I am looking forward to your inquiry: