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Corona & guided tours

Please note:
The following guidelines are adapted according to the respective regulations in force for Berlin, Germany and may therefore vary from tour to tour.

Main criterion for participation:
Test or vaccination!

Each participant must present a negative rapid test (free citizen test), which must not be older than 24 hours. Test centres for this free rapid test (citizen test) can be found HERE.

I may also accept employer’s certificates of a negative test result that meet the formal requirements and are not older than 24 hours.

Alternatively, while supplies last, I can provide you with an approved self-test at the meeting point for a fee. This self-test must be carried out under my supervision.
Unfortunately, I have to charge you € 5,- for the extra effort and you have to be at the meeting point 30 minutes before the start time.
The legal basis is given by § 6b para. 1 of the 2nd InfSchMV.

Exceptions to the testing obligation (§ 6c Abs. 1 2. InfSchMV):

  • Vaccinated participants:
    They have received all the necessary vaccination doses to achieve full vaccination protection and the last dose was administered 14 days ago.
    Proof of this must be carried by the persons concerned.
  • Recovered participants:
    Persons are considered to have recovered if the positive PCR test was carried out at least 6 months ago and the first vaccination dose was administered or if the positive PCR test was carried out at least 28 days up to a maximum of 6 months ago.
    Proof of this must be carried by the persons concerned.
  • Even vaccinated and recovered persons are still obliged to comply with all other protective measures, such as the obligation to wear a mask and the distance requirement.

Keep your distance

Please be sure to keep the currently prescribed distance of at least 1.5 metres during my tours (apart from family members).

Mouth and nose protection

At the meeting point, as well as during the entire tour, it is compulsory to wear an FFP2 mask correctly. Wearing it correctly means that it must cover the mouth and nose at all times.

Participant lists / Data protection policy

I am obliged to keep lists of participants with their full name, address or e-mail and telephone number for each tour to trace back any chains of infection.
If there is a suspicion of infection, I will make this list available to the competent authority.
I hereby declare that I will only keep the lists for the aforementioned purpose and that I will destroy the participant data completely and in accordance with data protection regulations four weeks after the event without being seen.
The use of the Luca app is not possible.

Limitation of the number of participants and registration

According to the Senate decisions, my city walks, city tours & architectural tours can currently only take place with a limited number of participants. Therefore, I must ask you to register for the public tours.

To do so, please send me an e-mail with

  • Your name for the assignment of the registration,
  • desired tour, the
  • date of the tour and
  • number of persons, and, if applicable, the
  • code of the voucher(s) to be redeemed.

Clicking on the address should open your e-mail programme with a conveniently prepared e-mail.

Contactless payment

In addition to cash payment, the option of completely contactless payment is also available on site:
Cards with the “wave symbol”, as well as devices that support the so-called NFC technology (phones, smartwatches, etc.) and also the PayPal app are welcome to be used.
Please note the information at the bottom.
Of course, payment by card is also possible the old-fashioned way (insert & enter PIN).
For vouchers and group tours, bank transfer or PayPal.Me are also available, just ask.

Outdoor tours

My guided tours are almost exclusively outdoor events, i.e. they take place in the fresh air and usually allow the minimum distance to be kept without any problems.
However, from a certain group size onwards, this can no longer be guaranteed outside and I unfortunately have to exclude unregistered participants from the tour.
Health comes first, so please register.

On selected guided tours we visit the former studio of Hans Scharoun. Additional, very strict hygiene regulations apply here (see below).
The interiors of the guided tours to the sacred buildings (churches in Siemensstadt & Wilmersdorf Mosque) allow slightly more people, yet of course the respective hygiene concepts apply here as well (see below).

Note: Indoor events are currently not permitted.

Adaptation of the tours

My tours have been adapted to the changed conditions to keep the risk of infection low.
Unfortunately, some tours cannot take place at all. For the remaining tours, the individual stations have been selected according to the space available.

The following regulations for indoor areas apply in addition to what has been said so far:

Hygiene concept for the Atelier Scharoun:

The visit to Hans Scharoun’s studio, which has been preserved as a museum, is of course an indoor event with a supplementary, very strict hygiene concept devised by Man with hat tours | Christian Fessel:
The allowed number of visitors is calculated according to area and distance possibilities in accordance with the applicable guidelines and is thus greatly reduced.
Inside the entire building, it is compulsory to wear an FFP-2 mask correctly, covering the mouth and nose.
Before the start of the tour, the studio has already been intensively ventilated and contact surfaces, such as door handles, disinfected.
During the visit, there is constant ventilation and the door to the veranda is open.
There is a disinfection station with disinfectant and disposable paper towels, as well as the possibility to wash hands.
The studio is on the 8th floor. The small lift to the 7th floor can only be used by one person at a time (excluding members of the same household) under current guidelines. You are therefore strongly advised to use the staircase (with the necessary distance between each other).

Hygiene concepts for the sacred buildings churches in Siemensstadt & Wilmersdorf mosque:

Although the interiors of the sacred buildings mentioned above offer a comparatively large amount of space, the supplementary, very strict hygiene concepts elaborated by Man with hat tours | Christian Fessel also apply here:
The number of visitors is calculated in accordance with the applicable guidelines according to surface area and distance, and is thus reduced.
Inside the respective entire building, it is compulsory to wear an FFP-2 mask covering the mouth and nose.
Before the start of the tour, the buildings were ventilated according to the existing possibilities and contact surfaces, such as door handles, were disinfected.
There is a disinfection facility with disinfectant and disposable paper towels.
A possibility to wash hands cannot be guaranteed.

Notes on contactless payment:

The payment process is exactly the same as at the supermarket checkout, for example:
Please make sure that your card is activated, your phone/smartwatch or the PayPal app are set up accordingly in advance and that you have already used them in this way. This saves a lot of time.

For contactless payments over € 25,- the PIN may generally be required to be entered, sometimes this is also done as a random check for small amounts for security reasons.
This is the sole decision of the bank that issued the card (whether the real one or the stored one) and cannot be influenced.
This procedure does not seem to exist with the PayPal app.

Electronic systems are never 100% fail-safe. It is therefore impossible for me to guarantee the possibility of card and NFC payments. You should have enough cash with you as an alternative in case of technical problems.
Just like at the supermarket checkout 😉

Text: © Christian Fessel
This text was created and updated with a lot of effort. If you would like to “borrow” it, please at least link to my website:
Thank you very much, that’s fair.