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New tour:
Sacral buildings of the Siemensstadt & Mosque

Two times two churches. And a mosque.

Immerse yourself in exciting stories about the construction (and dismantling) of the churches in the Siemensstadt of Spandau and learn to interpret the symbolism.
The visit of one of the most beautiful mosques. worldwide.
It was built at the same time as the visited churches in the Mughal style.

Interesting for everyone.

Duration:1.5 + 1 hour
Distance:Approx. 1,1 Km + 500m
Meeting point:Christophorus Church, Spandau – Siemensstadt
(details below)
This tour deals exclusively with the sacral buildings of Siemensstadt (and the Wilmersdorf Mosque).
The development of the Siemensstadt in Spandau, the industrial heritage, as well as the residential and leisure development will be intensively presented on the tour “Siemensstadt 1.0“.
I also offer a special tour to the so-called Siemensbahn (Siemens Railway) and the local traffic situation and development between 1897 and 1930: “The Siemens Railway

The sacral buildings of Siemensstadt.

The architects: Janisch und Hertlein.

Karl Janisch

Janisch was responsible for the first two sacral buildings: The Protestant and the Catholic chapel.
One was demolished, the other was always on the move.

Hans Hertlein

For Siemens, the versatile Hertlein was the designer of the industrial buildings that made architectural history from 1914 onwards.
And also of the works housing estates, which are more reminiscent of garden cities.
And the leisure buildings.
And: He designed both of today’s sacral buildings in Siemensstadt.

The Christophorus Church.

Our tour starts in front of the protestant Christophorus church. At that time people coming from the south were welcomed by the visible bell tower: It lies in the line of sight of Lenther Steig. The clinker facing clearly stands out from the rather bright residential buildings.
Today this view is made more difficult by the trees on both sides of the road, but the view of the 32m high church tower is still quite impressive on the last few metres.

On the street side, the church is preceded by a square-like extension. Already here, a viewer can recognize some symbols in the masonry and the floor covering.
The tower is flanked on both sides by the parsonage and the community centre.
The actual church building is hidden behind it: Unusual in shape and again equipped with a multitude of symbols.

For time reasons we will not climb the church tower. It is open regularly and free of charge. You can find out the times in the information box in front of the church.

This tour is supported by Pastor Mrs. Pohl and the Evangelical Church Community of Siemensstadt with historical pictures, which are exclusively made available for guided tours by Man With Hat Tours.

The Saint Joseph Church.

The church building of this catholic parish stands strikingly on a corner plot with three streets surrounding it. The parsonage and community hall are attached to the north and connect the church building with the adjacent residential buildings.

From the outside, the first thing that stands out is certainly the moon clock set into the church tower. On closer inspection then the impressive entrance area.
Inside we discover an unusual architecture.

The church tower is generally not permitted for a visit.

This part of the tour ends with the first chapels mentioned above. Unfortunately, these are only virtual, with the help of historical photos.
But the story behind both is so interesting, that this little lecture with pictures is worthwhile.

The Siemensstadt part of our tour ends here. If you want to, you can of course already leave us now.
However, I would strongly recommend to join the short trip to Wilmersdorf. It is really worth it !

The Wilmersdorf Moschee

Die Aussenansicht der Berliner Moschee

It is one of the most beautiful mosques of all. Worldwide.
Only 20 minutes by underground and a short walk from Siemensstadt. Built at the same time as the churches visited.

Please note:
If you do not already have a BVG season pass, you will need an AB zone ticket. Please purchase this BEFORE we meet at the Christophorus Church, so that there is no unnecessary waiting time later.
Inside the mosque, street shoes must always be taken off.
A veil does NOT need to be worn.

For many years I have had an extremely friendly relationship with the Imams and the community of this wonderful building. I have been allowed to take countless photos and videos about this building. I am present at many celebrations and activities. With special pleasure I will lead you to the small Taj Mahal of Berlin

Built in 1926, this is the second mosque to be built in Germany. The first no longer exists. It is therefore also the oldest mosque in Germany.

After we have discussed the Mughal building style and explored the interior, the Imam, Mr. Amir Aziz, is available for questions.

Meeting point: In front of the Christophorus Church in Spandau – Siemensstadt
Address: Schuckertdamm 338, 13629 Berlin
Public transport: U7 station “Rohrdamm” + 700m
Bus 123, stop “Straße am Schaltwerk” + 400m
CarSharing: Journeys with WeShare & ShareNow can be conveniently finished along Nonnendammallee.
The best place to leave the car is between Gramme- and Wattstraße, from there it’s
about 500m to the north.
End of tour:Either at the underground station “Siemensdamm” or, if you come with us to the Mosque, near U-Bahn station “Fehrbelliner Platz” & S-Bahn station “Hohenzollerndamm”
Mosque:For the journey to the mosque you need a valid ticket (zones AB).
To avoid unnecessary waiting time, please buy it BEFORE the start of the whole tour.
In the mosque street shoes must be taken off, the ladies do not need to cover themselves up !
The Mosque is in the last phase of a several years lasting restoration according to the regulations for monuments. The outer walls are already shining again in their 1926 splendour, but in the interior there might be some restrictions due to scaffoldings.
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